Isaac Raway

Founder ๐ŸŒด Software Engineer ๐ŸŒด Solution Architect

Isaac has been doing development in one form or another for more than 12 years. He started RawaySmith several years ago as a side business and infrequent consulting vehicle, but then switched to running the business full time after building up so many clients that it needed to become his main focus.

Isaac specializes in backend development, server administration, as well as periodically doing design.


Antoinette Smith

Co-owner ๐ŸŒด Software Engineer ๐ŸŒด Tech Trainer

Before making RawaySmith her full-time focus, Antoinette spent seven years in the tech industry as a solutions engineer and team lead for startups in the Twin Cities. After a successful career as an individual contributor and the completion of both an MBA and master of software engineering at the University of St. Thomas, Antoinette has now taken on the challenge of charting the future of her own small business.

Antoinette enjoys running and co-organizing the Blacks in Technology Twin Cities meetup.